It’s been a while

It’s been a while

It has indeed. I have actually been sleeping well for the last few weeks, which really is something. I mean I’m glad of the sleep, just means I have nothing interesting to write down. Well, that all changed tonight.

So a bit of background first, I’m on some pretty strong pain killers at the mo for relentless fucking toothache and a back in spasm, two separate lots in fact, so together they’re making me think all kinds of weird things at ungodly hours as well as making me itch like a mofo all the bloody time. Now they do normally make me sleep to be honest, but not tonight. Tonight my brain went into a bit of overdrive. I was thinking I quite wanted to pick Street photography back up, y’know which is quite normal, then I realised our computer is knackered that has photoshop on it, so I’ve been looking up photoshop CC for the year and seeing how cheap I could get it, might be worth it if I do do more photography, then I remembered I’ve still got a fuck ton of unedited photos on the knackered computer that I need to do, but said computer is currently disconnected so the wife can use duel screen when working from home. So now I’m thinking can I attach my laptop to it and grab my photos off their that way, of this I’m still not sure…

So after looking up these random things, I tell myself, Dan go to sleep, so I puts the phone down and closed my eyes. But do you know what then popped into my head? No? Have a guess, go on. You’ll never get it.

Ginger Spiced Lattes for dinosaurs 

Yup, you read that right, Ginger Spiced lattes for dinosaurs. What the fuck? What the fuck is that? Why? Why the fuck would a dinosaur want a latte? A ginger Spiced one at that? How would it even drink them? It’s not like a t-rex is gonna be able to reach its mouth with its tiny arms, and when did dinosaurs become basic white girls? I could see it in my head, these dinosaurs lining up in Starbucks, a stegosauros there at the front paying for his flat white, a Pterodactyl in there flapping it’s wings blowing everything over and annoying all the other dinosaurs, a couple of diplodocus chatting away after a shopping trip with their green teas. What the fuck Dan? Seriously? This is the shit keeping me awake at night. Why? Why would my brain think that shit up? Is it the drugs? I mean they’re strong, but I’m compus mentus on em, so it can’t be that. I get the feeling this is something I would have been thinking about anyway, and that kind of worries me, that I was thinking of the logistics of fitting these dinosaurs in the shop and how they would drink. (T-rex’s had long straws I decided) I mean, is it an idea for a TV show, coz I think that got done years ago when I was a kid. Does it mean I want a coffee? I don’t understand! So I had to just get it down in black and white, otherwise it’d keep me awake the whole fucking night, and well, that’s just not good. So I’ll leave you with that thought and hopefully my brain will shut down now and I can get some bastard sleep. Anyway…

Sleep Well



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