She’s not even real Insomniac.

So, good going Dan, you start a blog about insomnia and your thoughts at stupid o’clock and you go and have probably one of the best weeks sleep in years. Good job, well done ya weirdo.

So due to the abundance of sleep this week, I don’t really have any unusual, sleep deprived idiotic thoughts, my questions have been answered by Google and my thoughts haven’t run away with me. Im such a let down. So let’s talk about me being visited by dead people in my sleep instead, because, well why not. That’s what this is for, to organise my thoughts really. See what ya think anyway.

So this week, I had dreams about dead people. Not random dead people, coz , y’know,that’s just weird, I mean people I know.

 First up was a guy I used to work with. He died a little over a year ago and in my dream, I was at my work station, minding my own business, when he was being shown around by one of my supervisors, only it wasn’t him in my dream, it was his brother, who is  the spitting image of him. So even in my dream world, I knew this guy was dead, but I collapsed in the dream at the shock of seeing him, because dream me couldn’t believe it either. Why would ot be his bro n a dream, why not him? Any things possible in a dream, why send your brother who I’ve never even met? And I could swear in my dream/half consciousness I could hear his voice as he had a very distinct Caribbean accent and way of saying my name. So that was a little odd, then on Valentine’s morning, 3:15 am I wake in a cold sweat, no reason for it, was perfectly warm and feeling just fine, when boom, awake, cold and sweating. I didn’t think anything of it again and went back to sleep. It wasn’t until talking with my mother in the morning that I realised that it was the anniversary of my Nana’s death, at that exact time. My nana clearly wanted me to remember her, and obviously scare the shit out of me. What’s that about Nana? So clearly the dead are trying to tell me something, just not sure what yet…

See, so nothing interesting. Maybe I’ll have to end this blog before its even started if I’m now able to bloody sleep. Or maybe that’s it?! Now I’m writing my thoughts down, they’re not playing on my mind and keeping me awake. Damnit! Must try harder not to sleep and have insomnia induced madness to entertain you with.

Anyhoo, as I seem to be doing OK this week with it, I shall bid you a good night. 

Sleep Well



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